Saturday, 30 December 2017


I have been in Tromso, in Norway,this month of December, for holidays. It is an amazing place, a dream come true in the middle of the magical snow.


It was absolutely wonderful. It was snowing on the first day. We visited Polaria, which is a very interesting Arctic museum. They showed us a movie about Northern Lights that was very well done and observed the seal feeding. We also visited the Polar museum about the History of the region and also about the ecological view of North Pole.

Next day we went to the Arctic cathedral and went to the cable car and went to the top of the mountain. It was a moment of peace and beauty that was unique.

In the evening, we were playing domino and received an alert. Northern Lights ! Dancing in the sky during a few minutes. I couldn't believe in such a moment of luckiness. They were green and purple!  But they disappeared ... Husky excursion and Northern lights again, but less visible on the next day, but puppies were awesome and also the tomato fish soup . They gave us also an unbelievable chocolate cake.

Arctic cruise on the next morning on the fjords was a really  surprising trip. We went on a boat that was an ancient ambulance in 1978.   Our hosts were Maria and the Captain and they were very nice. Maria made a fish soup for us.
I was a little frightened when we came back because there was a storm. And the Captain told us that he didn't cross  such a storm almost 30 years ago... Waves passed above us and the boat started to break in pieces. Happily we arrived well on the harbour.

I loved Tromso and hardly suggest this town for holidays.

Suggestion of Best Restaurants:

Emma's kitchen

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